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Current Members

Jishnu Das | Biography

Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor

Jishnu completed an undergrad degree in Bioengineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur followed by graduate studies in Computational Biology at Cornell University. After a short postdoc at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT & Harvard/MIT, Jishnu started his Systems Immunology lab. His most important role is that of a “translator" of jargon across disciplines (comp bio, basic and translational clinical immunology); this helps bridge the interdisciplinary expertise in the lab. He is also a cheerleader for all projects in the lab.

Zarifeh Heidari Rarani | Joined March 2023

Postdoctoral Associate

With a background in control systems engineering, I am deeply passionate about venturing into the captivating realm of computational biology, employing innovative methodologies to unravel its mysteries.

Hanxi Xiao | Joined August 2020

PhD Student | CMU-Pitt Program in Computational Biology (CPCB)

Hanxi is currently a PhD student focusing on developing methods for sequencing data analyses. She is mainly interested in applied statistics and machine learning approaches. She has 2 cats who take up most of her free time and is trying to grow a patio garden!

Swapnil Keshari | Joined January 2022

PhD Student | CMU-Pitt Program in Computational Biology (CPCB)

Swapnil is a Computational biologist enthusiast with a keen interest in the field of genomics. Before joining the CPCB program, he completed his B.Tech. in chemical engineering from IIT Bombay, India. He likes to travel a lot and is always up for outdoor sports :). In addition to that, he loves to read crime fiction novels, paint and swim.

Prabal Chhibbar | Joined January 2022

PhD Student | Integrative Systems Biology (ISB)

Prabal completed his B.Tech in computer science and engineering from SRM Institute of Science and Technology in 2019. His interests are in Protein-Protein Interactions, Host-Viral interactions, complex networks, machine learning and deep learning. Prabal is always eager to discuss science and brainstorm ideas. Out of work, you can find him passionately discussing politics, hanging out with his friends or reading voraciously and consuming a whole lot of content.

Trirupa Chakraborty | Joined January 2022

PhD Student | Integrative Systems Biology (ISB)

Trirupa has done her BS-MS dual degree from IISER Mohali, India. Her research is primarily focused on understanding the network of non-coding DNA regions in the B cell and how they may affect B cell fate dynamics. When she is not squinting at large blocks of code, you'd find her exploring new places to eat, grooving to random Tamil songs and learning Indian classical dance or just chillin' with her friends B)

Javad Rahimikollu | Joined February 2022

PhD Student | CMU-Pitt Program in Computational Biology (CPCB)

Javad enjoys doing research and developing methods for solving real-world problems.

Priyamvada Guha Roy | Joined February 2022

PhD Student | Human Genetics

Priyamvada is a second year master's student in the Department of Human Genetics. She is interested in studying the genetic architecture underlying complex traits of public health importance. In her free time, she enjoys baking and petting dogs.

Aaron Rosen | Joined January 2023

PhD Student | CMU-Pitt Program in Computational Biology (CPCB)

Aaron is using computational methods to study host-pathogen interactions and autoimmunity. Before joining CPCB, Aaron graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in biochemistry/applied math.

preview - Aaron Rosen.jpeg
headshot_edit - Marisa Abundis.png

Marisa Abundis | Joined January 2023

PhD Student | CMU-Pitt Program in Computational Biology (CPCB)

Marisa Abundis is a first year PhD student in the Department of Computational & Systems Biology. She is interested in using computational methods to improve our understanding of human health and disease. In her free time she enjoys thrifting, finding new places to eat, and looking at cute animals.

AlisaOmelchenko - Alisa Omelchenko.jpeg

Alisa Omelchenko | Joined January 2023

PhD Student | CMU-Pitt Program in Computational Biology (CPCB)

Alisa completed a B.S./M.S. in Biotechnology at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Her scientific goal is to bridge the gap between the computational and biology fields through designing easily adaptable computational methods. Outside of work, she is an avid baker and loves learning to cook new cuisines. She also enjoys dancing, hiking, and yoga.


Kaveh Moghbeli | Joined March 2023

PhD Student | Integrative Systems Biology (ISB)

I’m interested in systems immunology, machine learning, and lung transplantation.

Akash Kishore | Joined January 2023

Masters Student | CMU

Akash is currently a masters student in Automated Science at CMU. He's interested in utilizing computational approaches for problems in biology no matter how big or small. Purveyor of random stories as a trivia buff, and always up for a game of tennis :)


Shloka Shukla | Joined May 2023

Masters Student | Comutational Biology

Shloka is a second-year Master's student at Carnegie Mellon University, passionately exploring the convergence of computer science and biology in the realm of computational biology. Eager to leverage her skills in analyzing biological data to enhance healthcare outcomes, she immerses herself in research and learning. Outside academia, she finds solace in reading, stays active with kickboxing, and indulges in her love for singing and dancing to Bollywood songs


Trang Dang | Joined March 2022

Masters Student | Human Genetics

Trang is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Genomic Bioinformatics in Human Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh of Public Health. She is interested in software development and algorithm implementation of statistical methods to analyze “omic” data for innovating genomic tools.

Jane Siwek | Joined June 2022

Undergraduate Student | TechBio REU Internship

Jane is a student researcher pursuing a degree in Computational & Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Mathematical Biology Track from William & Mary. She is interested in the intersection between data science and biology, specifically using machine and deep learning methods to explore biological problems such as protein-protein interactions. She is also interested in using deep learning and neural networks to explore global education data and satellite imagery.


Simar Yadav | Joined February 2022

Undergraduate Student | IIT Roorkee

Simar is an Undergraduate Student Researcher in Das Lab at the University of Pittsburgh and a Senior at IIT Roorkee in the department of Biosciences and Bioengineering. His hobbies are playing soccer and swimming and he is a huge Man United fan. His research interest lies in the field of Computational and Structural Biology and he loves to learn more about it.

Headshot of Kiran Nazarali.jpg

Kiran Nazarali | Joined June 2020

Undergraduate Student | Computer Science

Kiran is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has been working as a student researcher in Dr Das's lab since 2020. Her research involves mining and analyzing data using machine learning algorithms and differential expression analysis. As a researcher in the field of data science, she utilizes programming languages including R, Python, and Java. Her goal is to use critical thinking skills to solve computing problems and acquire skills to conquer the problems of tomorrow.

Honorary Members
DasLab_IM - Isha Mehta.jpeg

Isha Mehta | Joined January 2022

Research Scientist | Computational Immunology (CIG) Core

Passion to study the broader perspective to answer biological questions as opposed to the traditional reductionist approach is what brought Isha to Computational-Immunology Core. 'Wordle' and 'Quordle' are her daily dose of Dopamine.

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Ogechukwu Ezenwa | Joined October 2022

Core Data Analyst | Computational Immunology (CIG) Core

Oge received her BSc degree in Biochemistry from Purdue University. She started working as an undergraduate research assistant in a plant science lab where she performed wet lab experiments. Currently, she is working as a Junior Core Data Analyst to analyze genomics and transcriptomics datasets for different labs that utilize Computational Immunogenomic Core (CIG Core) services at Pitt/UPMC. She enjoys listening to Korean and Afro-pop and attending music concerts/festivals. 


Augusta Vincent | Joined June 2023

Core Data Analyst | Computational Immunology (CIG) Core

Data analyst, M.S. in Cognitive Psychology

Past members

Lab Alumni

Syed A. Rahman, Post Doc (2021-22) - Now at GSK

Xin (Mike) Bing [Primary Mentors - Florentina Bunea & Marten Wegkamp @Cornell], Graduate Student (2020-21) - Now Asst. Prof. at University of Toronto

Previous Rotation Students

Akanksha Sachan, CPCB (2022)

Carlos Cosme Jr, MSTP (2022)

Mengying Hu, CPCB (2021)

Sonia Kruznelnecki, ISB (2021)

Roshni Bhatt, CPCB (2020)

Sophia Hu, CPCB (2020)

Previous Research Interns

Jacob Berkowitz, Undergraduate Student Researcher (2022)

Anna Rosengart, Undergraduate Student Researcher (2022)

Ansgar Devadhasan, Undergraduate Student Researcher (2022)

Iliyan Nazarali, Hillman Cancer Academy Program (2022)

Woo Yong Chang, Master's Student (2020-21)

Eunseo Sung, Undergraduate Student Researcher (2021-22)

Lian Morales, Undergraduate Student Researcher (2021-22) 

Amna Irfan, TECBio@REU undergraduate (2020)

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